Wild Garlic Grill

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About The Grill

At the heart of the vibrant Tucson gastronomic scene is a quaint, family owned restaurant that has made a name for itself by combining the classical French education of Executive Chef Steven Schultz with the flavors of traditional southwest cuisine. Driven by the vision of casual fine dining that he shares with wife and owner Maudi Gourdin, the pair have managed to make The Wild Garlic Grill one of Tucson’s premiere destinations for food lovers from all walks of life. That all too familiar aroma of garlic will titillate your senses from the moment you step through the front door, followed instantly by the pageantry of Chef and his crew hard at work in the open kitchen where you can watch your meal as it is prepared. One can sense the warmth that emanates from their comradery and dedication and it doesn’t take long to notice that the front of house staff shares the same passion. It’s almost as if they are one big happy family…

“Food is family,” Mrs. Gourdin-Schultz states. “The cuisine is the cornerstone of what we do here but the atmosphere that we’ve cultivated for our guests is just as important. Our employees, as well as our guests, come from all walks of life and we love to embrace that. We want our guests to feel as if they are enjoying their meal from the comfort of their home.”

The rustic décor and savory aromas certainly are comforting, evoking the spirit of the Sonoran Desert which has served as home and muse for Schultz and Gourdin since they were both children. Family life revolved around food, whether it was harvesting produce, prepping ingredients or enjoying the final product with good conversation. It’s with this vision that Steve and Maudi opened The Wild Garlic Grill on December 12, 2012 and they have been thriving ever since.

Steven and Maudi both agree that the success of Wild Garlic Grill is begotten out of the enthusiasm that they exhibit and share with all of their employees. To watch the staff in the kitchen work with assiduous fervor, to listen to the knowledge and recommendations of the servers and bartenders is to recognize the driving force that brings this eclectic group together. They all share a passion for food that is delicious, aesthetically pleasing, responsibly cultivated and above all else, that builds community. Whether you’re looking for something traditional such as Fois Gras or innovative like a Duck Confit Tamale, The Wild Garlic Grill will surely have something to satiate your garlic cravings.

About The Chef

Tucson Native Chef Steven Schultz originally worked for a French restaurant in Tucson called Roth's. In 1986, he received an Advanced Diploma Ecole De Cuisine from La Varenne in Paris, France. Steven worked in Paris France at the La Marcandi restaurant. He was also the former chef of the Ventana Room at Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort. Steven was the Chef at The Ventana Room while it was ranked the 12th Best Restaurant in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. While Steven was the Chef, the resort also received an additional Diamond and Star to make their ranking a Four Diamond and Four Star resort. He was also the former Executive Chef at The Lodge at Ventana Canyon. Steven was also the former Executive Chef at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort. Schultz also worked in Scottsdale at the Hyatt Regency Golden Swan Room and Vincent's on Camelback Road in Phoenix. He was also the Chef at The Palm Court Restaurant in the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. In Scottsdale Steven trained under French, German, Austrian, and Swiss Executive Chefs.
Steven opened his signature restaurant Red Sky Cafe in 2000 and enjoyed twelve successful years until closing it in 2012.


"Don't let the... Um... Sketchy looking exterior fool you. It might still look like Sanchez's on the outside, but it's 100% perfect on the inside. As soon as you open the door the savory smell of roasted garlic hits you and you'll never look back. What surprised me most was that the prices were quite reasonable and the food second to none. We couldn't be happier with our experience."
Neko Mimi


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"Pretty awesome restaurant in an unlikely location...an old burrito fast food joint...now turned upscale eatery. We had the portobello mushroom appetizer and the Swiss fondue appetizer. Both excellent blending of flavors. I had the seafood pier stew which was mussels, shrimp and white fish in a tomato sauce. Fabulous! Extremely well done and a bargain at $14. "
David G.

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